Friday, February 20, 2009

The Last Hundred Is Always the Hardest

I'm "finished." Well, at least with a draft. "The Abominable Plan of Dr. Rasp" will be ready for Big Sur. That sounds like a headline doesn't it? Like those crazy Hollywood Reporter lingo-jingo headlines that you practically have to be an industry insider to understand. But I guess I'm getting closer to being an industry insider because I know what Big Sur means. It means a white-knuckle, nerve-wracking joyride to the a month of all-nighters trying to finish 100 weenzy pages.

The previous draft of this book was over 200 pages, and now it's sailing in at just over 100. But it is so much better. This is after getting notes a year ago from an editor-for-hire who had great notes. But notes that took a year to accept. I keep thinking of one of the speeches (Lisa Yee?) in which the author talked about complete, major rewrites over several years to get what her editor was after. So this last 100 pages as been the hardest. I am so ready to move on, but a polish is in order before heading up to Big Sur in (gulp) couple of weeks.

Now get back to your book!

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Tyler said...

Congrats on making the big push! I know exactly how you feel.

Word of advice, though: Don't get too attached to your draft as is. They don't call Big Sur "writer's boot camp" for no reason. They expect you to be spending all of your free time writing and revising (quite the opposite of SCBWI!)

But you'll have a blast, and make all kinds of connections, I'm sure of it!