Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dr. Rasp vs. the Pardy Boys

Ok, so I'm very excited at Firebrand's internet special (submit by January 15th, and NO QUERY). But it's like the old saying goes: you don't know what you have 'til it's gone. And now that the query is gone, I'm wondering if the submission is stronger WITH it. I did sell a script, and I did win a script contest. But here's my real dilemma. Just because I'm not using a query doesn't mean I'm not queer.

the Pardy Boys is gay YA. One editor said it bordered on soft-core. Yikes! The kiss of death. I've since gotten better opinions, but I think maybe a query letter would bouy the novel by showing the submission in context, while also demonstrating some kind of marketability for my writing.

That said, Dr. Rasp, which is pretty darn cute and cuddly, is squarly a boys tweener action-adventure story. But I can't query it to save my life. So maybe I should submit "The Abominable Plan of Dr. Rasp" via no-query month, and then wait until the 16th to submit "the Pardy Boys" via the normal channels.

Oh this is all so indulgent now I feel I'm wasting valuable blog pixels on drivel. But not before asking you guys: whaddyou think?

Now get back to your books!