Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yeah, this is what it feels like sometimes. Back went out (see personal blog), and I feel like I'll never finish this book. So what am I doing instead? I'm blogging. But my argument is that it gets the juices flowing, right? I'm already "writing" if my hands are on the keyboard, fingers flying. Once I finish blogging, I'm all limbered up and ready to hop on over to the novel, right? Yes, definitely.

I did publish again and I can't believe I didn't announce it joyously to the world atop my apartment building. My friend Emily hooked me up with a friend of hers who does a lot of magazine work. A new "alternative marriage magazine" called Bond was looking for some writing. It ended up being a 95 word piece on the "threshold" marriage custom, you know the on where the groom carries the bride... across the threshold. The magazine looks fantastic and I really loved the experience. Their next issue will be out of London, and I'm sure they're going to be flying me over for a piece on Madonna and Guy Ritchie's untraditional situation. Well, that's what I'm pitching them anyway.

The novel, it has to be done by July 8th because that's when I'm leaving for the 2nd Int'l Thriller Writers conference in NYC. Whether it will actually be finished or not, who knows. But it's good to have goals, escpecially when you're procrastinating by blogging. The plan is to re-pitch it to the agents I met last year, pitch it to new agents I meet this year, and come out with representation. I will leave the steno pool!