Monday, August 17, 2009

What I Saw on the Street: Why Would You Ever?!

Ok, maybe I've just never been an overwhelmed, sleep-deprived parent, but this warning really made me wonder.

Mostly because of where it was located. On this fold-out baby-changing rack.

In this lovely rest room.

Now is it just me, or are there very few circumstances that would result in leaving a child unattended here? Maybe a massive earthquake involving the ground splitting between you and the changing rack? Or maybe security guards storm the bathroom that you're sharing with Larry Craig (they don't see the baby) and you're hauled away to bathroom jail somewhere? Or maybe aliens abduct you and their tractor beam doesn't 'perceive' the baby.

These are just some theoratical possibilities. Because I can't even imagine forgetting my luggage or cell phone in a place like this, much less something I worked on for at least 9 months.

Now get back to your books!