Friday, January 23, 2009


The stuffing was terrible. We both agreed. From a box, too wet when finished, flavorless. In a word, mush. But I was craving comfort food and I just can't throw out food, so I stuck with the stuffing. I spruced it up with more onions than they asked for. I put in raisins, poultry seasoning, cayenne pepper for some kick. Still not great, the stuffing was just something I couldn't give up on. The next day, I added celery, and it had dried out a little in the tupperware where it was journeying back and forth to work. Today I had butternut squash, soup and salad for lunch. I broke the stuffing and suddenly it wasn't just so-so, it was fantastic. How is that one day and a few ingredients made all the difference? I'm not one to say that God is speaking to me through my box-stuffing, but that appears to be what's happened. And God is saying, 'stick with that story you're working on, have patience, and before you know it...'

Now get back to your stories.


Katie said...

aahhh fascinating.... And just my kind of post.

Hmmm.... yes, perhaps your stuffing spoke to you.

I can relate :-) (I sound kooky)

Graeme Stone said...

I have more "God spoke to entries" coming. I suppose writers who work overnight in the cold glass penthouse of skyscrapers, seldom see other people, and looking for inspiration, often hear God. I sure hope He's got some line-readings to whisper because my book is killing me! Kickin' my BEhind!

Christy Raedeke said...

I totally believe God can speak through box stuffing, although my preferred vehicle of God's Word is Hostess products.

This is a perfect metaphor for writing, though. Often the making of the writing skews your perspective and not until it sits for awhile can you fully appreciate it--and tell if it needs more pepper.

Graeme Stone said...

Raisins of inspiration.
A little cayenne of drama.
The thyme of suspense...

Tyler said...

Sir, you need to post more often! Sheesh, I thought I was bad ;)