Friday, November 21, 2008

Did I say I was done? I've just begun

Didn't someone write me recently and say that their kid said that when you think you're finished, you've just begun. So Pardy Boys 1 is basically done, but now I have PB2 and PB3 to go. See, they've even lost all their majestic length of title and become abbreviations. It's all business. I recently discovered that people have been writing on my "wall" and the "Facebook." I use quotes because me navigating Facebook is like a Southern Baptist talking about "the Gays." I have no idea what I'm doing, and yet enter the waters like they may welcome me. So to all my writers who have "walled" me, I did just find the "wall" and have written back. Email is best. That I'm really good at.

So other than writing, I've been horrified to be contacted by someone from Middle School. Oh, so horrible. But I will have you know that of all the pasty white rich kids I went to private Christian (not really very Christian at all) school with, I was absolutely the prettiest one. I swear someone I have apple cheeks and Betty Crocker hair (if she were a blond). If you beg me, I'll 'grab' the photo and email it to special requestors. Even I cannot believe my innocent beauty, even as it was being crushed by God's Soul Suckers. Now there, there is a title for a book. I'm not sure who else was destroyed in Middle School, only to be reconstituted in High School, but that was me.

Now get back to your books!


Katie said...

Graeme! I LOVED this post! YOu should have posted your Betty Crocker picture right there in the middle of your funny story!!!!

Good luck with the sequels!! I am off to write today. Send me writing mojo :-)

Christy Raedeke said...

Okay, now you absolutely MUST post that photo! Dying to see.

Also, very much enjoyed your commenting spree on my blog - thanks. You should seriously hire out as a blog commenter. I, for one, would pay you to drop by daily and make hilarious comments on my blog!

BTW, your blog is "The Mechanic". I know this sounds mysteriously Tom of Finlandish - but you'll have to come back to my blog to see just what I'm talking about.

How's that for blog bait?

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Graeme!

Where've you been? I'm going to start a series of illustrated picture books called "Where's Graeme Stone"....I feel like I can never find you, and I need my Graeme fix!

Puh-leeze send Betty Crocker photo to me asap. Could use the lift.

And, I would pay you to leave funny comments on my blog posts too. That's a hint, BTW.


Disco Mermaids said...

Haha! I said, "series of ILLUSTRATED picture books"...

Apparently I'm working for the department of the redundancy department these days...


Jacqui said...

Post the picture! Post the picture! And that is one of the best descriptions of middle school that I've read.

That was my daughter, who was taught, "When a writer's done, her work has just begun!"