Saturday, November 22, 2008

6th Grade Glamour Puss

Ok, ok. Here it is.
Now it's all become clear to me.
It was jealousy.
Jealousy of my blond hair, peaches 'n cream skin, and eyelashes that curled the breezes on which butterlfies flew.
If only I hadn't gotten my teeth knocked out for it... What price beauty!
The experience sure made me question organized religion, private schools, and cliques. I ran. RAN to high school. After a class of 15, it was a cake walk with its 2,000 member student body, range of diversity, and wide hallways where you could hide a Titan missile, much less an escaping homo.

So there you have it, soul bared. And to top it off, they spelled my name wrong. They got "Yoneice Mitchell" right, but couldn't spell "Graeme"? Bastards!


Katie said...

My favorite post of the week! And oh how fun to have comments by the pics!!! I love how you remember that she was the first to wear the P necklace - hahaha

And yes. You were the prettiest by FAR!!!!!!

Thank you Graeme!

Christy Raedeke said...

Oh yes, you were the prettiest, and I wager you still are. This just makes me itch to do some online stalking. Let me see if I can track down your prettyboy crush...

Disco Mermaids said...

Oh, Graeme! I KNEW I could count on you for a pick-me-up this morning! What a memory...amazing.

You STILL have the same peaches-n-cream skin. To quote Christina Aguilara: "You're beautiful..."

CR- I may hire you to do some stalking for me later.


Jacqui said...

I'm with Christy, and not above some serious cyber stalking.

"wide hallways where you could hide a Titan missile, much less an escaping homo" is my favorite line all year.

Suzanne Young said...

Graeme! haha. I love the name comment.

You're still that pretty, honey! I'm jealous!

Graeme Stone said...

Thanks gals,

I'm sure there's some great material here and I'm going to start mining it. Pain becomes productivity if you wait around long enough to have a sense of homor about it.

Rita said...

fa-a-a-bulous. And the typo in your name made me laugh. That's the ultimate, every time