Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pay Attention

In my never ending quest to grow up, I'm trying to stop and really listen. Paying attention isn't easy when you're busting at the seams to show everyone how amazing you are. Or how amazing you think you are. Ok, so 40 is no time to grow up, but I can learn to pay attention.

I'm getting replies back to my queries for a freelance editor. I approached the mailing with all the seriousness of a college application. I'm sure that every email will arrive, that it's the most exciting thing that any of these prospective editors will get all day, and that they'll write back with the following message:

"Graeme, I know there's a God because I reviewed your website and what else can I say? Let me get an agent on the phone because the bidding war has already started!"

Well, I got three bounced emails, a few replies, and some emails are just waiting out in cyberspace where it's probably getting cold enough for a blanket by now. Bounced? How is that? Well, some of the emails were incorrectly addressed (my fault) and some were bounced because the editor never updated their email address. So of the 17 emails I wrote, I've heard back from five so far. Two can't do any editing, one was so impersonal I know it's not a good match, one was so-so, and one sounds really good.

Since my goal is to find one good editor, my search may already be over. But I'm going to give it until the middle of next week before making a choice. Just like I believe there isn't just one agent for me, or just one publishing house, I know that there are a lot of good editors. What I'm looking for is a clear understanding of what I'm paying for, a realistic deadine for the job to be done, and a good working relationship with someone who's as industrious as they are responsive.

Now I have to go do some writing, research, or procrastinating on A tornado just hit downtown Atlanta. How often does THAT happen?

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