Saturday, June 20, 2009

What I Saw on the Street: Dirty Robbers!

Sometimes just a walk down the street is enough to make you smile. 

Like this small sticker I saw on a power box on Hope Street. 

Ironic, no? Right downtown, in the heart of LA’s business district is 

a sign that really tells it like it is. Now if they only had this sign posted 

on the roads so people could be really aware of what’s going on. 

As it is, the PC police will probably remove this sticker, so I was quick 

to get it on film before it’s gone.


Deb Markanton said...

Graeme, something wacky happened with your post. It doesn't fit the space. ?? is the site. Every day there is a new prompt posted for you to use as inspiration to write a short, flash piece and post it in the comments. There are 7 writers/authors who each take a day of the week as their prompt day. Christy Raedeke does Saturdays.
It's truly lots of fun. It was started in March so you should check out some of the earlier posts.

The blog pics...what I did was click on the photo - use the ones on my blog - it brought it up and I then saved it on my desktop. Then added it as a "gadget" on my blog and placed it on the sidebar.
I'm not the best at all this tech stuff but I seem to stumble into making most of it work!

Paul Äertker said...

Robbers are always dirty. Funny stuff, Graeme, even if we can only read half.

Graeme Stone said...

Ok, reposted. Not sure what's going on with the Blogger editor...