Sunday, May 24, 2009

What I Saw on the Street: "i" Family

Ok, so it's not exactly digital, but these windshield family stickers are a wave of the digital age. i Family. or M"i" Family. or Famil"i".

Iconized representations of everyone from baby to grandma and cat included, they are a plague on the already competency-challenged Angelinos. And there's a down side.

Not to be morbid, but whenever I see one of these family stickers on the back of a car or truck, I can’t help but wonder what happens when the unthinkable happens. When Jr. or Tina or Grandma or Bobo the dog doesn’t make it. Do you go out and scrape them off the window? Put an “x” through them? Put a halo over their head? It just seems like if you go and put everyone in your family on a windshield, you, like bugs, are asking for it. Me, I’m not putting my loved ones on a windshield. It’s the last place I hope they end up.


Paul Ă„ertker said...

Very funny stuff.
I love this "What I saw on the street" series. Keep em coming.

Deb Markanton said...

You are too funny! But those stickers are downright creepy. So, since my word verification is "baario", it has led my imagination to crazy places regarding those family stickers here in LA.

Katie said...

Hey Graeme!!!! Will you be at the LA conference this year?? I hope so!

Christy Raedeke said...

OMG! I'm not the only one with this thought-bubble over my head? We are similarly twisted.

I think maybe they put that little fake-Calvin-praying-to-the-cross below the one that didn't make it?

Hardygirl said...

I have never seen these things. I'd be tempted to draw little mustaches and horns on everybody.


Deb Markanton said...

Graeme, I gave you an award on my blog so please check it out. I'm hoping to convince you to post more often!! LOL

Graeme Stone said...

Ok, I've clearly hit my stride with this "What I saw on the Street" so I'm posting some more. It's all about the material you guys, isn't it?

and Deb, get out! an Award!??