Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Guest" Blog

I've-- well, just click the link in the title.
My website has a blog, and well, that explains why there's a "guest" entry from, well, me.


Katie said...

"Inside the ’94 Geo Metro, the author has a profound and disturbing moment."

Hahaha - I love the new blog! and I have the new Macbook too! woo hoo! But you know how to use it better than I :-(

I went to the store yesterday for my "one to one" and the guy said, "Whew. your desktop is a mess."

"I know, I'm a writer," I said.

"Yeah. But it's still a mess."

"But I think I'm ADD too."

"Ahhh... well I want you to make an appointment to see me every week until we can clean this baby up."

I laughed at my new doctor/computer therapist Christopher and then promptly followed his prescription.

so now it is tidy clean and well organized. (kinda)

PurpleClover said...

I love the emergency dispatch blog for when you are on the road. Though the other post I think you confused techie (sp?) with

But either one is cool in my book (scifi/space odyssey geek here and proud of it - What?!).

Hardygirl said...

Ah . . . welcome to our world, friend.