Saturday, January 03, 2009

Submission Schizophrenia

Ok, so I'm sending a short story to a magazine. No big deal.
Printed the labels, the SASE, have my follow-up date marked on the calendar.
Submitting to an agent... not so easy.

I'm paranoid of making the wrong impression, of missing an opportunity. Should I wait until I've gone to Big Sur in March before submitting? But Firebrand's offering a great Query Holiday special until January 15th with no pitch letter--just pages! It's the deal of a life-time.

Pardy Boys is ready to go. Certainly the first 20 pages. So why can't I just bite the bullet? Is there one "perfect agent?" Does one have to think of a career trajectory, or is it important just to get into the game? I've researched about 14 agencies. They fall into three categories:

- No, Too Snooty.
- Wow, Will my Letter Burn up on Entry?
- Hmm, they seem cool AND approachable.

Coddle me, advise me, encourage me.

Driving Self Insane in LA


Christy Raedeke said...

Hem and haw all you want with other agents, but you MUST NOT miss the Firebrand Holiday Special! Especially since you are able to add a little "Hi Michael, we met at SCBWI!" to it. This is a rare opportunity. Carpe diem and all that...

Graeme Stone said...

What do carp have to do with this!? I mean seriously, aren't they all hibernating under the ice.

All jokes aside, I'm sending those 20 pages in tonight! And true schizoid that I am, now I'm lamenting not being able to mention my script sale. Because THAT carries so much weight in the literary world, right?

Hardygirl said...

Did you send them??? If not, GO GO GO. I completely agree with Christy.

Good luck! sf

Katie said...

Why has no one commented on your SUPER BAD TO THE BONE photo! It's PERFECT!!!!!!

But yes. Send on! Are you nuts?

Just kidding - I have the same dilemma. They say that this agent relationship is like a marriage and all - so I get scared to say "I do" to just anyone. What if they suck?!

Graeme Stone said...

More on this.
Now it's "Dr. Rasp vs. the Pardy Boys," which is my next post.

Graeme Stone said...

Katie, I always wonder about my photo. It's like the suggestion I always make when I take my 94 Geo Metro in for car work: Should I get spinners? I ask. The universal reply: yes! So the goofy (if unbelievable) photo stays up.
And I am submitting. I AM, but I'm switching horses in mid race! Oh, the excitement.