Saturday, January 03, 2009

Stage Fright

This week I'm submitting.
Giving in.
Throwing myself at Fate's Mercy.

And naturally that led me to watching "Somewhere in Time", the 1980 time-travel-fantasy-romance starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Well it's not good enough to just watch "Somewhere in Time" is it? I also had to go on IMDB and check out Jane's credits and find out about her twins, her mini-serieses (what's the plural? anyone... anyone... Beuller?), and some of her amazing bio facts (her eyes are different colors! and she's only 5'4''. Marilyn was only 5'2'' but I digress.)

In the quotes section of IMDB there was this amazing quote about auditions gone wrong, and it's inspiring because AFTER the audition, Jane went on to some pretty great things. So here's the quote:

After I had my first child, I stopped breastfeeding early because I had been told that there was a possibility that I might star in "The Thorn Birds" (1983), which I wanted more than life itself. I went to do the screen test and everything went great until we [Richard Chamberlain and I] did the love scene. I had stopped feeding for three weeks and unexpectedly my milk came in! I lifted myself up in my pink 1930s negligee, and it's a wet T-shirt contest! I looked up and it was just terrible. There was a big puddle of white milk all over his bare chest. I mean a puddle. This was a serious incident. His reaction was not good. You just say, "What can you do?"

Ok, so after that, I'm ready for anything. I'm sending out my letters, hoping for the best, and preparing for... well, I'm not prepared for spontaneous lactation, but I think that I'll have a healthier appreciation for the process of putting myself out there after Jane's encouragement.

now get back to your books!


Katie said...

YAY Graeme!!!! I'm wishing you the best! You are adorable, funny, talented and persistent. So, no matter what, you WILL succeed!

Graeme Stone said...

From your lips to God's ears Katie!

Lee Wind said...

So know, full of vim and vigor and enthusiasm for the new year, I'm going to be thinking about a puddle of breast milk on Richard Chamberlain's chest, and how mortified Jane Seymour must have been. Ick. Thanks a lot, Graeme!
(Actually, it made me laugh, so maybe it's a good image to keep as we deal with our own manuscript-versions of stage fright!
Good luck!
Namaste and a Hug,

Graeme Stone said...


If Jane Seymour can triumph over a disastrous audition, it can give all of us hope. She also recently had to bow out of the Kodak theater's A Christmas Carol production, but I'm sure she will rise again. It's just so inspiring. I'm thinking of growing my hair long and dying it a dark, vixen oak color. What do you think?