Sunday, December 21, 2008

Where is the Love?

the love is right here.

After holding onto the Love Award for way too long, I'm passing it on to someone who inspired me when I was in doubt and didn't even know I needed encouragement. I met Jacqui Robbins at the NY SCBWI last February. She's funny, confident, professional, and someone I always want to sit next to in the conference rooms.

This summer I had a very mixed review of my manuscript and she caught me in the lobby and kind of pressed me about what I was doing with it. She was very encouraging and really ignited my enthusiasm when I was thinking of putting The Pardy Boys aside. So here's a small token for your help. I love you THIS much.


Jacqui said...

Hey! I just saw this. Thanks! The feeling is mutual.

Will you be in NYC in Feb? I'll save you a seat...

Graeme Stone said...

Jacqui. I'd not have jumped into the Pardy Boys with both feet first if it hadn't been for your pep talk.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be in NY in Feb. I'm saving my money for the Big Sur writer's conference, which is temporarily in Carmel due to the fires/ landslide threat. Are you coming back out to LA in the summer?