Thursday, August 14, 2008

To Age or Not To Age

Ok, so I'm FaceBooking now (is it a verb yet? If only all this electronic activity burned calories), and I'm wondering how everyone feels about birth YEAR in addition to the date. Some people have their full date, which gives their age, others discretely have the date tucked away like a quarter under a pillow.

Does anyone really care how old I am? My LA-inspired nightmare is of course that a publisher will see my hideous Dorian-Gray-esque age and run screaming from the website. Or worse, the Plastic Surgery Commission of Beverly Hills wills end in agents or robots to perform an emergency procedure while I sleep.

But seriously, I'm not an actor (but I play one on TV), who what's to fear. And maybe I'll get some responses exactly because I'm a certain age. Please, chime in.

Now, Get back to work!


Katie said...

Graeme - you crack me up! You are definitely a writer :-)

I need to check - I can't remember if my age is on my FB page or not?!

Later Gator~


Suzanne Young said...

You don't look a day over 25. Mostly cuz 25 is the best age ever. And you're the best thing ever. So it fits!